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Below you will find a list of the most Frequent Asked Questions allow with the Offical answers. Should you have a question not on the list please use the form below and and we will answer them for you.

What is your Motivation?

We have a well-rounded team of associates based around the world, with many years of experience and an excellent track record in property development and real estate investing. In addition to the drive and expertise to ensure each project generates maximum returns. By becoming a property stakeholder, you will, effectively, be buying into a
carefully sourced portfolio of Realty Property Assets and development opportunities around the world

Why should I buy into Realty International?

Realty International has unique insight into the repossessed market. Do you remember the
empowering excitement involved with your first property purchase? We will provide the same
satisfaction and opportunity but as a group purchase at distressed prices, you’ll be a buy to let
landlord with less money than the cost of a second-hand car. All our properties, being hand selected
in premium locations return the highest rental rates. Properties being assessed for your portfolio must
have a minimum average capital growth of 8%. Now you have a dual income and a compound return,
any economist’s gold standard for securing the highest return.

When should I start to see dividends / returns?

You will immediately qualify for Paramount Strategies’ fully managed, stand alone rental service of your property rights. This service is bonded and therefore guaranteed. If we fail to rent your property the Trustee will pay you the bond. At Paramount Strategies, we take the headaches out of renting.

Do I have to manage my properties?

As a Subscribing shareholder all you need to do is transfer your buy in amount from your standard
interest account to your Realty International account. Then leave the rest to the professionals.
Between the ever-tightening Companies Act and Trustee regulations we have you covered! Your
money is held in an interest-bearing bank account and your property titles are held in trust in your
company’s name. The properties are then managed by an independent management committee, that
works exclusively for you, the shareholder. Managing, maintaining, repairing, advertising, tenant
acquisition, allocation, rent collection and disbursement is handled exclusively for you and out of the
hands of the company fund managers.

How much control do I have?

As a Subscribing shareholder you will be invited to annual AGM’s. You may visit, participate and have one valid vote on purchases and policy decisions for each share you own. You may call an AGM, and if compliance agrees a valid reason, Realty International is compelled to call the AGM within eight weeks of your request. Now, for the first time, you own a part of the company that’s looking after your future.

Can I sell my Subscription?

Our aim is for all our investors to hold the Subscription shares until the property portfolio’s target price
is hit and then the sale of the properties will return very impressive profits. But we never know what
challenges we face in our lives beforehand. Of course, any purchase carrying a guaranteed income
and a return of capital with profits has a residual value. Therefore, if in emergencies you need to
liquidate your purchase before maturity we can assist you to do so at no charge to you from us.

What happens if the investment fails?

Alternative investments which have been trending for the last ten years or so have been failing.
Therefore, people are returning to more trusted investments like bricks and mortar, exactly the
platform Realty International
employs. The complex security around a fully comprehensive Trustee backed purchase system and
the 2006 Companies Act (UK) insist on such high security that we can now officially certify with the
UK Government regulator, Companies House your investment as a “guaranteed limited loss”
purchase. You simply cannot lose your initial capital, which is how our company became global in just
six years. Ask your local broker to explain our high-level securities that allow high and non-high
network Subscribers to purchase with total piece of mind. Clearing the way for you to enjoy the
excitement of being on a buy to let landlord ladder.

So, is there an exit strategy?

Realty International is not just a lifestyle product that can save you money and pay you a rental
income. It is a fully managed fund that allows non-high net worth investors the excitement of entering
the buy to let property market at the highest level without the need to be an expert in the business.
You simply let the professionals go to work for you. Therefore, once the portfolio reaches its target
growth of 200% profit the Directors will call an AGM. If the fund matures early, you the Subscribing
Shareholders will have the advantage to vote to liquidate early or to proceed further to increase the
profit above the target while simultaneously still receiving cash rental yields. Should you, the
subscriber decides to liquidate early the property assets shall immediately cease
housing tenants and the property assets shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, be disposed of by
the Administrator, with the cooperation of the Trustee. The gross sales proceeds so realized, net of
disposal costs and fees shall be distributed by the Trustee, together with any other assets forming
part of the Reimbursement Fund to legitimate holders of valid Subscription Rights.

Do Subscribing Shareholder have shareholder liabilities?

Absolutely not, Subscribers are the financiers of the platform, unique to Realty International, in return for you jointly financing the purchase of our properties, we enlist you as a Subscribing Shareholder to give you control over the future of your own platform. This takes away the fear that has been instilled in the public over the last few years of alternative investment failures.
However, as a non-managing shareholder once the properties are sold and the company is wound up you are separated from the responsibility of funding its closure. Put simply, in the event of the company being wound up while you are a Subscriber or up to a year later Subscribers will be barred from needing to contribute to any costs above one (1) Euro.

How do I make an investment?

You may make a Subscription-Shareholder ship application with any Realty International official
agent. You will be AML checked. If due diligence on you shows no reason why you should not be
successful in owning a part of our growing company, we will then allow you to purchase a minimum
amount of Subscription Shares to qualify to be included in our exclusive community of landlords.
When it’s time to pay, all monies will be held in Escrow with an independent licensed IFA while your
Subscription Share certificates are issued. Until you confirm you have received your share
certification No monies will be released from Escrow until you have received your Share Certificates.

Do I have to decide what property to invest in?

No of course not. You go about your life and be an expert in your field / profession. Realty International has recruited and established a long-standing team with the best industry “inside” contacts. We very carefully assess the location, the rent and resale potential of every property. We then use industry standard assessment platforms to assess the potential before making a final decision to acquire a new property for the portfolio. We then assess the best capital gain from the selection of desirable properties with the above criteria. We target repossessed properties that have at least 50% at the point of sale for maximum resale profit. Realty Internationals experts and our Portfolio managers constantly track growth and demand. Should in our professional opinion report that an existing portfolio property to be returning less than its maximum potential we will work with the trustee to liquidate that property before it becomes a liability and introduce a new purchase to support maximum profit.

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