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Scam alert – Paramount Trade Limited

Dear Subscribers,

We have been receiving inbound enquiries from the public sector asking us if we are anything to do with a company in Tokyo, Japan called Paramount Trade Limited. Any part similarity in name is purely co-incidental and there is no connection. While we have detected no personal information leak Subscribers should be aware that this company is on an alert list and if any one from the below contacts reaches out to a Subscriber then the Subscriber should contact: immediately.

Many thanks. Paramount Strategies.

Tennozu Yukatsu Building Floor 12, 2-3 Higashi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku Tokyo Tokyo-to Japan
Phone: +81 3 4510 6100
Fax: +81 3 6734 1945
Email: (No-reply)
Website  (Not available and now from sale)
Below you will find infomation provide to us by ScamBusters click link to see what the say.
below is text from there site.

Paramount Trade provides a “premium-class” investment management/advisory service built on disciplined and highly-focused strategies. Our services aim to afford high value to our clients by providing high returns and imaginatively constructed portfolios centered on a holistic approach to catering to our clients’ needs. A significant majority of our clients are individual investors but we also service several institutional clients and maintain close professional relationships that continue to endure through both bull and bear markets.

The Paramount Trade range of services encompasses Discretionary Investment Management and Advisory Execution. The core strengths of our practice are the consequence of a durable and lucrative tradition in active investment management that has made us the natural choice for the investment and wealth protection needs of thousands of affluent individuals.

Thorough research and meticulous attention to detail is the foundation upon which an investment strategy that eschews the notion of the “fast buck” is based upon. Several teams of qualified analysts at our headquarters offices conduct conscientious due diligence on each and every equity, exchange-traded fund, corporate bond and commodity we advocate to or acquire on behalf of our clients. We believe it is the only way to conduct our business and it is, without doubt, a major contributing factor to the record number of clients coming to us via referral.

We are locally focused but our expertise is globally relevant. Every portfolio we construct for our clients factors in the potential impact of volatile markets and challenges that others in our industry fail to acknowledge.

Focus of this intensity is one of the main reasons Paramount Trade has attained and maintained our status as one of the leading independent investment management concerns in Asia.

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