Paramount Strategies believes transparency is vital to long term trust and satisfaction. Therefore, we feel that the recent controversy between Realty Access Limited, Asia Pacific Reservations and our organization should be clearly outlined for the benefit of all Subscribers.

In September of 2018 Realty Access Limited and Fair Oak Trustees Limited appointed Paramount Strategies Pte Ltd as their exclusive sales agent for Realty Access in Singapore (below is their own marketing agreement certificate)


(Marketing agreement)  

After a year of developing a successful corporate relationship between Realty Access Limited and ourselves as well as grossing some the highest ever value deposits for Realty Access Limited, in February 2019 Paramount Strategies decided to upgrade its products to offer more enhanced benefits for our local Singaporean clients. Our new supplier of investment products has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSC) for 40 years lending more security, trust, and performance. Our latest policies are now for 5 years, not 25 years, further adding better value for our Singaporean clients who invariably look for faster turnaround products. 

Despite this, Paramount Strategies has always been keen to serv Realty Access Subscribers until its next review in 2021 where all Subscribers were looking forward to receiving their payout.

By February 2021 Realty Access released a statement to Subscribers via the independent customer service portal, VIP Services @ My Realty Access, a statement confirming no early payout. Now all Subscribers would need to wait fifteen more years and add fifteen years’ worth of extra payments to the Realty Access fund to receive the same money. These extra payments meant that subscribers would now have to deposit over time a greater sum to the fund than the amount being paid out.

Realizing the extreme disappointment from our Subscribers, and in the light of protecting our own reputation, Paramount Strategies offered its Subscribers to pay the remaining fees for the extended time until 2036.

VIP Services contacted Paramount and requested us to consider a relative proposal to help Realty Access Subscribers of other agents.

It is important to note that VIP Services gained permission both from the main Realty Access executive and the fund’s administrator to contact all Subscribers. VIP Services then signed a PDPC compliant document with the owners of the other previous sales companies. Our mission between VIP Services and Paramount was simple, to create an interim payment to help older and more vulnerable Subscribers financially in the light of waiting another fifteen years for Realty Access’s maturity.

This has been done and continues to be done purely for the added benefit of the Subscriber and is a win, win situation.

To our shock and confusion, on the 15th of September 2021, after helping many third-party Subscribers, Realty Access Limited disbursed an email to some Subscribers via its local Singaporean head office, Asia Pacific Reservations with the following false information:


(Scam email warning)

Paramount Strategies would like to make clear in the public sector the following points:

  1. Paramount Strategies Pte Ltd was indeed appointed by Realty Access Limited and Fair Oak Trustees. Proof of this is on their own documentation above.
  2. VIP Services, who is independent of all parties and established in 2014 in the light of woeful service by Asia Pacific Reservations Pte Ltd. VIP Services made the introduction between third party Subscribers and Paramount Strategies to lighten the blow of the fifteen-year extension being problematic for its ageing Subscribers.
  3. At no time did Paramount Strategies state Realty Access appointed Paramount Strategies to undertake this vital exercise to help Subscribers. In fact, to our knowledge Realty Access decided to offer no help or services on this matter to any Subscriber in any way.
  4. Although Paramount Strategies immediately clarified its position with Realty Access Limited, offering Realty Access the ability to receive proof that indeed all fees have been honored on behalf of those Subscribers taking up a five-year payout option with Paramount. To our further shock, Asia Pacific Reservations ignored our good will gesture and continued to falsely accuse our company of “Scamming Subscribers”.
  5. On the 20th of October 2021, after careful examination of the evidence, Paramount’s lawyers issued a cease-and-desist notice to Asia Pacific Reservations Pte. Ltd. demanding they stop emailing false allegations of scamming Subscribers. Immediately Asia Pacific Reservations headed our notice.

(Lawyers letter)

6. To our disappointment however, the same notice has appeared on the website of their Trustee in London. Presumably as this distant legal jurisdiction would make it challenging to enforce our cease-and-desist demand.

Since this time, both senior management at Paramount Strategies and many of its Subscribers and VIP Services has demanded in writing that Realty Access via Asia Pacific Reservations clarify its false allegations. To date, Realty Access Limited, Fair Oak Trustees or Asia Pacific Reservations have not been able or willing to justify why they have taken this unusual position with one of their previously most trusted of agents