How We Got Here

Property Plus has established itself as an independently confirmed market leader in the Fin-tech leisure property sector. In its seventh year of incorporation and sixth year of trading. Articles as far as New York most prominent Escrow company (Hamilton Chase), Elite property Marketing in California and as close as Asia’s most respected consumer watch dog (Your Voice Asia) have applauded the achievements included but not limited to the expansion of its Asian Head Quarters with the Incorporation of Paramount Strategies Private Limited. Bringing talent such as the European renowned Property Guru, Mr. Marc Reven has seen an expansion into the Asian market that the most optimistic attitudes could not have predicted.
Property Plus soft launches on the 2nd of January 2017. Its associated portfolio with sister companies such as Nest Developer Services registered an asset base of 52 million Euros. By the end of 2021. Taking advantage of soft launch pricing led to such an interest within the Republic of Singapore and South East Asia that six independent companies were mandated to handle the Asset base as it had increased by a staggering 200% in five years.

After a generation of failed, ‘alternative investments’, 2016 saw an uncertain public return to the more tried and tested method of long-term security, real estate. Paramount Strategies listened to its clients and read the market exactly right, to provide the perfect storm for ultimate success. That beings Security. The most important feature of our platform. Paramount provides solutions more suited to the steady and secure purchaser rather than the boom or bust risk taker. We specialize in being able to sleep safe at night time and be sure of guaranteed dividends. Independent Finance Organizations secure the platform and keep the cash flow and the assets out of the hands of the owners of the platform.


Our History


We introduce a fully comprehensive Deed of Trust (D.o.T.) taking the hard work out of a buy to let purchase and replace fear with the highest level of experience with Fair Oak Trustee’s. A power house of finance and property expertise. Their service comes at a fixed rate for the whole term of ownership. Its been often said in the real estate market that you can’t buy that kind of experience. Well now you can buy the experience of a market trend setter with Fair Oak, and a fixed rate making it as comfortable as possible to fit into our client investment budget.


Our portfolio is dripping with the best locations for capital growth and rental yield potential. Our acquisition experts constantly calculate and weigh up the information collated from Statistical Institutes, Ministries of Interiors and other valued industry think-tanks’. To us, building a property legacy is not an art, its a science. We apply a long standing successful formula and discipline the whole organization to follow suit.


Paramount Strategies represents a human resource that has access to closed door auctions. This unique insight into the distressed and repossessed market enables us to pass on prices to our client that simply cannot be achieved anywhere else in the region. 2017 so far has brought to the mix, two other Industry experts with the aim of expanding to Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Watch this space for periodical press releases to blaze an all-conquering trail of success right though out this coming year.

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